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  • Dr. Wagner was excellent

    The diagnosis and advice right up to surgery was spot on. Surgery went off without a hitch. Within 5 hours of wheeling into surgery I was walking. I recovered without the need for a Physical Therapist

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  • What a wonderful experience! THANKS DR.

    I had a hip replacement 3 years ago and have lived in increasing pain since. I have been to many doctors and been told everything from "it's all in my head" to live with it" Then I met Dr. Wagner, wow what a difference. His P.A. was awesome and really listened to me.

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  • Excellent physician!

    I was diagnosed with bursitis and an old tear in a hip muscle that resulted in that tissue having deteriorated and, therefore, not being ideal for surgical repair. Not wanting to be in pain nor to limp and have to use a cane for the rest of my life, I opted for surgery. Dr. Wagner repaired the torn muscle and removed the inflamed bursa. I no longer have pain, have successfully completed physical therapy

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  • I would highly recommend Dr. Wagner

    had a hip replacement a year ago, then had trouble with pain and range of movement. After trying other options (steroid shots and Physical Therapy), I ended up being referred for Arthroscopic Iliopsoas Surgery with Dr. Wagner. Although apprehensive about having a tendon cut, the surgery was (as promised) a success.

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  • Dr Wagner and his staff have been professional, courteous, friendly, and most of all accurate

    I was referred to Dr Mark Wagner by a trusted family member. He performed the procedure to replace my right hip joint in 2016. From my first visit, pre-op, post-op, and the follow-up visits, Dr Wagner and his staff have been professional, courteous, friendly, and most of all accurate as to my condition, treatment, and recovery.

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  • I am back in the gym, riding bicycles, rowing and occasionally running

    As a 73-year-old physician, I knew I had a torn labrum before seeing an orthopedist. The question was would surgery be of value at my age and who would do it. After checking with many of my fellow physicians, the name of Mark Wagner, M.D. kept reappearing. It worked.

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  • Thank you for giving me my life back

    Just wanted to give a shout out To Dr. Mark Wagner and his assistant. What an amazing job they both did on my hip (labrum tear)

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  • I'd highly recommend Dr Wagner and his staff

    Dr Wagner performed surgery on my right hip to repair a Labral hip tear and included a bursa procedure as a result of a car accident. I'm very impressed with his expert skill, knowledge and continued care during the healing process.

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  • THANK YOU, Dr. Wagner, for taking a chance on me!

    I suffered major hip pain for over a year. I couldn’t walk more then a block and sitting for more then 15 minutes was horrible! ALL my X-rays and MRI’s only showed abnormalities and nothing specific. NO OTHER Dr. would even see me. With the recommendation from my excellent PT therapist, Dr. Wagner performed surgery.

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  • The whole process was made easy by all the staff in Dr. Wagner's office

    I had total hip replacement in December of last year. Since then ,the pain has gradually gone away and I am now walking up mountains again. The whole process was made easy by all the staff in Dr Wagners office

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