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  • Great people to doing great work. Can't imagine a better outcome

    Dr Wagner and his surgical team were wonderful throughout my hip replacement procedure. They were professional, competent and caring making a traumatic experience almost enjoyable.

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  • Dr. Wagner and his team preformed a total hip replacement two weeks ago

    Dr. Wagner and his team preformed a total hip replacement two weeks ago and I have been amazed at how quickly I am recovering. I could tell immediately that the hip pain I was experiencing pre-surgery was gone and now I am just working through the muscle pain as a result of an invasive surgery.

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  • Arthroscopic surgery and bone resurfacing.

    I had arthroscopic surgery and bone resurfacing done nine months ago by Dr. Wagner to clean up my torn labrum and fix the cam and pincer impingement on my left hip. The pain in my hip was constant. I struggled to sit through client meetings at work and was losing out on sleep at night.

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  • Spot on recovery

    Saw Dr. Wagner for a hip labral tear. Diagnosis and treatment were spot on, recovery went better than expected. Hi team went to bat with insurance and the whole experience was positive.

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  • I was swimming and driving by week 3 and at 8 weeks

    I walked up the stairs to my home after same-day release from the hospital. Post-op pain was minimal - I used 1/2 an oxycondone that first night just in case and no more. I used a walker for a day or 2 around the house but quickly moved to a cane but hardly needed it by 4 or 5. I was swimming and driving by week 3 and at 8 weeks I don't even know I have a new hip.

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  • I was walking within 5 hours

    Dr. Wagner Performed Total Hip Replacement on me . The diagnosis and preparation was tremendous. Surgery went very well and I was walking within 5 hours of having been wheeled into the surgery room. Recovery was excellent and after 3 weeks I was swimming. 5 weeks in I feel completely normal

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  • Now I get in 4-5 miles a day

    Just had my anniversary checkup and I want to express how happy I am with Dr. Wagner and the hip replacement. What I really appreciated was Dr. Wagner's trust of me and what I told him about my pain. He treated me like an intelligent person and told me a new hip would relieve my symptoms. This differed from another doctor who told me it was my back that was causing the pain and sent me to physical therapy. Of course the problem was my hip and I could not be happier with having had the replacement.

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  • Dr. Wagner is absolutely wonderful in every regard, a miracleworker

    I saw Dr. Wagner for the last time on March 4, 2019 after right total hip replacement via MAKOplasty, and all iswell. I have my life back, walking 2 miles in 30 minutes 4 days a week and doing pilates 5 days a week, no pain at all.

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  • The hospital and staff were wonderful

    I had a second hip replacement preformed by Dr. Wagner, 1 day after surgery I was out of pain and walking. 6 weeks later and I am out of pain, and completely mobile. My first hip was done by a different surgeon and the experience was not as good. Dr. Wagner's office staff were attentive and professional.

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  • The care I received from Dr Wagner and his team was excellent

    The care I received from Dr Wagner and his team was excellent, and because of it my recovery has been without issue. His knowledge of my condition and the solution

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