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Arthroscopic surgery and bone resurfacing.

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I had arthroscopic surgery and bone resurfacing done nine months ago by Dr. Wagner to clean up my torn labrum and fix the cam and pincer impingement on my left hip. The pain in my hip was constant. I struggled to sit through client meetings at work and was losing out on sleep at night. I really struggled with whether or not I should go through with a surgery, but when the discomfort in my hip was getting to where I no longer wanted to ride my bike I knew I needed to do something about it.

Susan H

I couldn’t be happier with the results! Since March I have completed 62 miles on the Monster Cookie Ride, 55 miles on Reach The Beach, 100 miles on the “epic” course of The Strawberry Century, and another 50 most recently on Petal Pedal. I’m signed up for at least two more distance rides this summer and I’m back to my daily bike commuting with no pain! Yay!! It’s such a big difference from where I was just back in October.

Dr. Wagner, Carmen, Michelle and everyone at the front desk were all very friendly and always willing to answer all my thousands of questions throughout the whole process. I can’t express how much I appreciate the fantastic care I received and how happy I am to feel healthy again.

Susan H